Opening act: The Paybacks

Kids that like to rock.

2nd opening act: THE DOLLYROTS

Bad Reputation

I was even closer than it appears in the photos.

Do you wanna touch me there (Oh Yeah)
Loved this song.

Forgot the name of this one, think its from new album.

Sea of people behind me.
Joan Jett Hudson River Park Concert 6/28/07
    Free Joan Jett concert at the Pier on 14th St. It was a great concert. It rained off and on but I had my gigantic date umbrella. Didn't really like the opening acts, but Joan played for over an hour and a half with barely a break between songs except to drink some water. Which is remarkable since most of her songs are sung hard. She seems very appreciative of her fans. Played an entire set as an encore. It was an older crowd, which I liked because people weren't pressing up behind me to get closer and didn't have alot of people that got there late try to weasel their way to the front.
I even ran into my old co-worker Toonie Chan.

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